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In this composition, where each detail is consciously designed, the use of materials is a cohesive element unifying the various parts. The smooth look of capelli matte lacquer is combined with the grains of gardet oak wood, while tall units are arranged in clear glass doors revealing its illuminated interior. The purity of forms and design is enhanced by the linearity of gola profile system, giving the kitchen a modern accent.


Drawer made of solid Teak wood and assembled with finger joint technique.


Capelli matte lacquer

Finger joint technique

Teak Wood


Flow is a kitchen collection characterized by its minimalist concept that is always continuous and dynamic. Flow aims to create timeless projects, simple at first glance, but with specific details that make them unique. The name officially recalls its minimal but elegant lines, which can be exalted using high-quality materials such as wood veneers and lacquers.

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